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Show Me provides landscape lighting design and installation for your home or business. We specialize in app controlled color changing lights to illuminate your building. Choose from scenes to fit any occasion or back to classic white all from your smartphone. Show off your property and provide security. Attract customers. Impress friends and neighbors. Avoid costly contracts for holiday lighting services. Setup your Christmas lights in a few seconds from your living room. Support your favorite sports team or charity. A WiFi network is not required. Lights can be set to a specific timer or automatically come on at sunset and off at sunrise with an astronomical timer. Our 20 years of lighting design experience will customize a package to fit your needs. Fully compatible with existing systems, upgrade today. Tasteful scenes programmed and tailored specifically for you. Professional installation is fully insured. A five-year warranty is included on our workmanship and products.

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Show Me Landscape lighting is based in Saint Louis, Missouri. We provide design and installation for all of your lighting needs. With over 20 years of experience we know how to do it right.
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