My name is Bryan Adcock. Since 1998 I have been working professionally in lighting design. Traveling the world designing lighting systems for live events, I gained enormous experience. Everything from design, programming, and operation to logistics and repair. Any occasion or mood can be represented with proper lighting. The early part of my career was invaluable in teaching me how to light in a very basic way. As technology progressed, that foundation fostered great success. Advancement of software and hardware vastly simplified even the most complex lighting projects, making the final product that much more effective. But it was those early roots that produced tasteful, appropriate lighting in real-world applications. Somewhere in the middle, LED technology became available. Although intrigued at the significantly lower power consumption and flexibility, incandescent was still preferred. Further development of LED has brought infinite possibilities and they now look better than conventional lighting fixtures. Please consider us for all of your lighting needs. We will bring a wealth of expertise to your project.
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