Low Voltage LED

Experience all the advantages of low voltage lighting.

A transformer is used to reduce the voltage from inside your home by 90%. Lower voltage means lower risk of fire or injury. And it allows for a much wider range of fixtures, bulbs, and lenses to be used. As a result, perfect lighting can be achieved from very small spaces. LED technology provides incredible energy efficiency and lamp life. An entire building can be lit with less energy than one conventional light bulb consumes and LED bulbs last for 15 years. Several different color temperatures are available. Whether you are looking for warm and natural or modern and sophisticated, we have the answers here at Show Me Landscape Lighting. Contact us today!


Deck & Patio

Create an atmosphere that truly inspires.

Proper lighting shows off your living space and allows you to see without lights shining at you. Enjoy all of your favorite backyard activities without compromising sight or safety. Our magic touch adds functionality and beauty to your deck or patio. Count on us to complete your project with exquisite precision. Contact us today!


Pool Area

Set the proper tone for summer with a unique poolscape design from Show Me Landscape Lighting.

Help make your pool safe and secure for use at night. Produce a fun and inviting atmosphere with lighting on foliage, water features, walkways, architecture, and your pool deck. Full control from your smartphone with our color changing options allow you to set the perfect mood for those warm summer nights. Our automated fixtures are compatible with most existing systems. Let’s create something awe-inspiring. Contact us today!


Interior Design

In addition to all of our outdoor services, we are well versed in all lighting design applications.

Take the guesswork out of your indoor lighting needs. Professional lighting design generates energy efficient comfort and style to your home or business. Installing the appropriate fixtures, bulbs, timers, and dimmers can feel like a luxury. From new construction to augmentation of existing fixture locations, trust the pros at Show Me. Contact us today!



Take the hassle out of setting up your Christmas lights.

We offer an array of holiday lighting services that bring elegance and convenience to the season. No costly contracts or commitments. We can also provide permanent solutions that are extremely versatile and will last for years to come. Contact us today for a personalized consultation.



Tasteful lighting at your event will help make it a memorable experience.

Any occasion can benefit from uplighting the color of your choice. We can provide you the options that you are looking for without access to electricity or cover from the weather. Contact us today!

Have an event space? We offer a wide variety of permanent installations that are easy to control. Take the next step to increase revenue with a custom consultation from the pros at Show Me.


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